Light Up the Hope of Life

                                                At OrigiMed, a leading precision medicine company, we are devoted to providing the most high quality comprehensive molecular diagnostic technology to assist in personalized treatments for patients and physicians. Advanced and customized ‘one-stop’ solutions from OrigiMed have supported pharmaceutical companies in the development of trials, treatments and companion diagnostic kits. Our aim is to promote further innovative reformation in cancer management in China.

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                                                Personalized and comprehensive medical solutions for cancer patients

                                                Covering over 50 types of solid tumors and hematologic neoplasms.

                                                The first NGS test combing DNA and RNA sequencing in China.

                                                High-quality publications based on real-world studies.

                                                Tracing cancer back to its origin, empowering precisely, delivering integrated one-stop solutions for R&D of new treatments

                                                Central laboratory at international standards.

                                                Growing experience in new drug R&D and companion diagnostic solutions.

                                                Explore in biomarker discovery.

                                                OrigiMed-only system of real-world studies.

                                                Our innovative platform drives the revolution of precision medicine in China

                                                The first internet hospital focusing on precision medicine in China.

                                                International molecular pathological platform.

                                                Multiple Disciplinary Team (MDT).

                                                International Molecular Tumor Board (MTB).


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